Planning for Your Special Day


You said YES! Now what?
wedding photographerYou said, Yes and all the lights around you sparkled as you kissed him in bliss. Joy is bubbling over until.. the next morning. You wake up with the ring on your finger and a mountain of details descends on your shoulders like the church, the dress, flowers, bridesmaids, and ohtheir dresses. Will your new mother-in-law sit next to your Aunt, who is a bit of a chatterbox. Church bells turn into flat gongs. You wonder should you run to China under an assumed name or hide somewhere off the coast. You grasp the bed sheet and drag it over your head and hope a long nap will clear things up. Many details are planned in the perfect wedding, these are just highlights, it always best to research and start a checklist for a stress free day.

Six to Nine Months before the Ceremony

Planning is essential to a beautiful day and a good marriage. Simply begin spring-wedding-theme-ideas-2with a date and everything after that will fall into place. Break out the magazines and start searching for ideas. Set up a folder and begin tearing out your favorite pictures of dresses, color schemes, and cute ideas for the guest tables. A budget will help determine how many guests you want and how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you will need, find the best wedding photographer Mexico for your event, as well as bands, florists, and caterers. This is also the time to book venues and ask your favorite officiant. After all that, party Throw an engagement party and celebrate with the ones you love.

Seven to Eight Months to Before

After your research, you will hire the photographers, entertainment, florists, and caterers. Being a wedding planner, I’ve had my share of some of the best, and worst wedding vendors. When you hire a professional Wedding photographer Tulum be sure they capture every kiss, so you can relive the magic of your wedding. Every bride should set up a bridal registry at three different retailers. You found the dress and set up appointments for three different fittings. Select those special invitations and plan your honeymoon for sunny beaches or a winter getaway in the mountains. Meet with your pastor or officiant and organize the ceremony. The vision for a seamless event is a day of time line, such as cutting the cake or when the first dance is to take place.

Two Months to Five Months before You May Kiss the Bride

The ceremony is drawing closer, but you have everything under control because you have your list. Pulling it out of your purse, you smile and begin to check off all that you have done. You have sent tush-cookiesout the invitations and met with the musicians and photographers. The cake that was ordered will be gorgeous and will serve all your guests. You and your fianc have purchased the rings and excitement is building for when he will slide that ring across your finger. Both of you have already written out your vows that you will tell each other. The seating was a bit of a lesson in organization, but everyone should be happy with the arrangements. Now time for the bachelorette party

One Week Before I Do

You delegate the day of list to a trusted friend for all the last minute kissesssdetails. You just need to pick up your dress and pack for the honeymoon. One last conference with the photographer is on your list. Also, on your list is a spa treatment for the day before with a stress relieving massage for that wedding day glow.

Finally, the day arrived and all went smoothly without any stress because you planned it perfectly. Enjoy the honeymoon and wedded bliss. You pull the sheets over and think, now for the baby 😉Cute-baby