Liquid energy is without a doubt, dubbed as one of the most potent methods to drive out exhaustion. Coffee has become so essential in our lives that many of us can’t take a step out without getting it into our system. As a result, coffee has become a necessity. Firstly, coffee is something that everyone turns to rouse from their slumber. There has been an ample number of debates over the time for coffee. Discussions about whether coffee is beneficial for our health or not. Well, I’m here to say that moderation is the key. Coffee in small amounts is an elixir. But if abused, or used in excess, there might be consequences. However, the benefits far outweigh the I’ll effects.

Why coffee is the best!

Imagine waking up in the morning to the beautiful smell of coffee wafting into your room.  That puts you in a battle mode to face the day itself. A hot cup of coffee is all you need to trudge through a tough day. While the bitter taste is something that puts a lot of people off, inn my opinion, it’s what makes coffee stand out.

Coffee keeps you grounded, all puns intended. I am a big fan of coffee. I love coffee in everything. Chocolate, ice cream, cakes the whole shebang. The bitter taste cuts through the sweetness leaving a sense of longing on your tongue. It seems party in your mouth. Everything described here is purely personal. Multiple people also corroborate it. If it were not worth, how else would it have got a franchise of its own? Thank you, Starbucks.

We have already established that coffee drives away the exhaustion and keeps the brain active. But how exactly does it do that?

Coffee:  A friend indeed

We have all been in this situation. An important project and the deadline is tomorrow. As usual being the master procrastinators we are, we’ve wasted all our time. It’s a do or die situation. What do we do? Easy, pull an all-nighter.  However, the thing we don’t consider is sleep and exhaustion. At times like these, there is someone we can turn to. Our bitter friend. Coffee. It provides us with a shot of energy. But what happens in the brain is a mystery.

Well, a mystery no more, once you know the science behind it. Thanks a lot, science, for taking the mystery out of the magic. For all of the non-neuroscientists out there, the process is pretty straightforward. Coffee contains a chemical called caffeine. This caffeine in coffee in simple terms blocks a neurotransmitter inhibitor called adenosine. As a result, the neurons fire at a faster rate. This increases the brain activity. And voila, your brain has graduated to the super mind. Use it wisely, for this boost lasts only for a short while. While being beneficial, it is, however, not advisable to continue this for long. Hence, moderation is the key.

I’m not done yet!

Au contraire, coffee is not only an energy booster, well temporarily actually. The elixir that is coffee is a treasure trove of benefits. What more,  the interests span the entire human body. From improving our hair to being a cancer deterrent, coffee is much more than its bitter front. Don’t believe me? Take a look.

Physical Benefits:

  1. Coffee contains a considerable range of stimulants: Well, duh. Apart from caffeine, coffee contains many more brain stimulants which makes us alert and active. In short coffee aids in cerebral metabolism.
  2. Physical metabolism: Not to leave human metabolism far behind, coffee finds purchase in this avenue as well. Coffee affects the rate at which we burn our fat.  However, the effect is less pronounced in people on the heavier side.
  3. Coffee helps burn fat: Coffee primarily affects the nervous system. It stimulates the nerves. They relay the message to the fat cells instructing them to burn the fat. Burn them all! Muahahahaha.
  4. Coffee prevents digestive diseases: Coffee significantly improves overall digestive health.
  5. It is a treasure trove of antioxidants:  These antioxidants are the little warriors that rid the body of a vast number of diseases.
  6. Coffee significantly benefits your cardiovascular health: Coffee preserves the health of our arteries. Maybe that is why we call it elixir. Heart disease risks are cut down substantially because of this. Coffee also cuts down the risk of strokes.
  7. It is a cancer deterrent: It reduces the risk of cancers like melanoma colon cancer etc.
  8. Coffee aids with post-workout pain woes: Treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee post workout. It helps reduce the muscle pain as well. Go on, treat yourself.
  9. Coffee reduces inflammation, tends to chronic pains.
  10. It also enhances the liver functionality.
  11. Regular intake of coffee increases life expectancy.

Mental Benefits:

  1. Coffee makes us feel good: A study showed that coffee reduces depression as it contains mild antidepressants. It can also control mood swings. Feeling blue? Drink a hot cup of brown.
  2. Coffee helps deter Alzheimer’s: A mental disease with no apparent cure yet leads to mental decline. Coffee helps reduce the chances of onset of the disease.
  3. Coffee significantly improves mental health: Also coffee guarantees a sharper brain. It enhances the brain activity and enhances memory.
  4. It reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Beauty Hacks:

  1. It’s a boon to dry skin: Not only can you avail the benefits of ingesting coffee. Coffee grounds which is used to make coffee when mixed with coconut oil helps in divesting the body of dry, flaky skin. A task in which your moisturizer often fails.
  2. Coffee enhances hair growth: It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth. Ladies, take note.
  3. Incorporate coffee into your skincare routine: Another one for the ladies. We can use coffee as a staple for a healthier looking skin. It manages dry skin, tightens it as well.
  4. Say bye bye to cavities: Black coffee sans sugar helps reduce cavities. Go forth my brave adventurers, give it a try.
  5. Coffee grounds with coconut oil is a killer combo: It helps with skincare, reduces dark circles, naturally divests the head of dandruff. It makes our skin soft and acts as an exfoliator.


  • It improves our social lives: Coffee joints are the places to be. Dates, project discussions and hangouts all happen over a cup of coffee.
  • In addition to all of this, I’ll be remiss not to mention the heavenly taste of it. And also the variety it includes. It satisfies people of all ages. From lattes to espressos, coffee wins all our hearts one flavor at a time.


Being from south India, we’re said to have coffee running through our veins. Well, why not? We indeed grow the best type of coffee in the country. Coffee has ‘bean’ and always will be a significant part of our lives. Time for a coffee break. You most certainly need it.

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