Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is nothing but a bunch of movements which help you work up a sweat. However, despite sounding this simple, its benefits are life-altering. Exercise is multidisciplinary. It implies that there is no one hard and fast way of exercising. Exercise is very crucial to ensure a healthy life. It has severe implications on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Jogging, swimming, working out at the gym choose what you like best. You’ll not just be losing a few calories but, you will also gain a positive attitude.

Why should I exercise?

A healthy life is precariously balanced on three pillars. All that matters is our health. Good health is required to enjoy the fruits of our labour that we have amassed all our lives. The three pillars are ‘a balanced diet,’ ‘sufficient exercise’ and of course ‘exercise.’ Any disruption in any of these can have a negative impact on our lives. Also, moderation is the key. Overworking will throw a wrench in our regular lives. A lot of people have a very wrong idea of what exercise is. Getting ripped in the gym is not actually what exercise is entirely about. It is just one of the ways people prefer to get their daily fix of exercise.

I am going to simplify the concept of exercise to people with the wrong idea. Exercising is merely keeping yourself active by following a strict and regular regimen. Regular exercise is crucial. It has both short term and long term health benefits. Not only do we reap physical benefits, but our mental health also substantially improves because of regular exercise.

Choose your poison.

Are those dreaded heavyweights keeping you away from exercising regularly? Is gymming not your cup of tea? Exercising is subjective. Any activity that demands physical movements is deemed as exercise. Swimming laps in your pool. Dancing to your favourite music. Stretching in your yoga routine. Running, jogging or walking in the park. All these constitute various forms of exercises.

Exercise is something not all of us like to do. More often than not it gets monotonous and taxing. All energy and vigour drain out of us at the mere mention of the word exercise. To keep it fresh and happening, experts recommend adopting more than one way of exercise. By doing this, we break the routine as well as gain the benefits of different forms of working out. The next time you are trudging towards the gym, give a try to the yoga studio, to refresh yourself.

Benefits of exercising:

1. Improves your mood:

Exercise is a potent mood enhancer. Many studies have shown that exercise can decrease the feelings of anxiety. Exercise also cures depression and stress. It brings about a change in the part of the brain that deals with these feelings. Exercising causes the brains sensitivity increase to serotonin. Serotonin is responsible for relieving feelings of depression.

Besides all this, exercise gives us feel a good-hormone rush. Endorphins, which course through our bloodstream after a workout session give us a feeling of high. They also help spread feelings of positivity.

2. Weight loss and weight management:

The world is plagued with obesity. Obesity in itself has become a disease — an epidemic of sorts. Obesity is also the cause of multiple other dangerous conditions. Some of which are hypertension, type two diabetes, heart diseases, and some form of cancer. Former first lady Michelle Obama waged war against obesity among kids. Exercising regularly will newsflash, help eradicate this disease. It enhances the metabolic rate, which burns more calories.
There are specific forms of exercises that suit a body type which promotes weight loss. But regular exercise is a must. Exercise also helps build muscle mass. Regular exercise aids weight management. It helps maintain a fit body and also eradicates diseases related to obesity.

Weight loss also helps boost stamina as well as self-esteem. Hence, an increase in confidence levels is also credited to exercise.

3. Muscles, bones, and exercise:

The only way you can legally get rippling muscles without any shortcuts is through exercise. Weight lifting and adequate protein supply will build various muscle groups. It provides them with enough mass also. Physical activity will prevent muscle atrophy. It stimulates different muscle groups which enhances the ability to absorb amino acids. Amino acids promote growth and repair.

Bones also benefit quite a lot from the exercise. Gymnastics, running or sports help build bone density. Regular exercise helps us overcome many conditions that happen due to poor bone health.

4. Energy levels, enhanced:

Exercising releases endorphins which play a crucial role. These endorphins help in uplifting our moods. We automatically start feeling happier. Thus our energy levels are boosted throughout the day. Exercising acts as a therapy.

5. Exercise helps skin:

The deterioration of skin health is due to oxidative stress. The free radicals cause oxidative stress. Exercise increase antioxidants production. The antioxidants are responsible for flushing out the free radicals. Thus, exercise saves and shields our skin from oxidative stress.

Moreover, exercise also enhances the rate of blood flow through the body. The increased blood flow stimulates the skin cells. The ageing process, therefore, is reversed.

6. Brain and Exercise:

Physical exercise enhances brain function. It promotes blood flow. The increased blood flow supplies the brain with more substantial amounts of oxygen. Oxygen, you see is suitable for the hormone production. Regular exercise is also found to reduce changes that cause Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

7. A boon to light sleepers:
If you have trouble sleeping, then turn to exercise. Regular physical activity can fix any of your sleep woes. Not only sleep but also sleep-related diseases can be cured. Vigorous activity tires the body. The tired and energy depleted body has no choice but to relax. The quality of sleep also improves considerably. Sleep helps the body to recuperate and amass power for after the nap. A good sleep spells an active day ahead.

Beyond all these benefits, regular exercise also gives the bonus of reducing chronic pain, increased libido. A healthier cardiovascular system and improved stamina can be credited to exercise as well. Choose any form of physical activity and exercise away! Exercise away towards a better and healthier life.

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