We sadly overlook the benefits of sleep often. I’m sad to say that we take a good night’s sleep for granted in our hectic schedule. Seven solid hours of sleep is something that gives us a semblance of being normal functioning human beings. While losing sleep often is inevitable, it is, however, not recommended for the long haul. Sleep deprivation is a serious condition and can sometimes lead to paranoia or other severe disorders. Sleep is hugely beneficial for both the body and the mind. It isn’t something that can be waived off as unimportant. Sleep has loads of benefits.


I don’t believe in fairy tales. But the only one that captured my attention was the Sleeping Beauty. Not the gripping storyline or the grand twist of fate. Not the heroic efforts of the prince to get his princess awake. No. None of this warmed my heart towards the concept of fairy tales and happy endings. I fell in love with the hero of the tale. Not the prince, or even the Sleeping Beauty. It was SLEEP. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) had a perfect life. Well aside from the horrific tale of being cursed. She was the Disney princess I wanted to be. Getting to sleep for many years at a stretch and not worrying about our responsibilities, definitely seems like a sweet deal. That is the kind of happy ending I can get behind.

The concept of stealing a few moments (hours actually) from the hustle and bustle of our lives to rejuvenate excites each one of us. Sleep is something I can do with my eyes closed. Not my words, of course, credits to the author. When anything bothers me, I turn to the comforting arms of sleep. But there is a substantial amount of proof backing my claim as well. Sleep has paramount importance in a person’s life. It can bear effects on both the physical and mental aspects of a person. There are multiple reasons why sleep is essential. Science and studies back almost all of these reasons. Although I can’t encompass the magnanimity of rest in mere words, I’ll do my best. But first, answer this.

Why can’t you sleep?

Do you have a tough time falling asleep? If the answer to the question is yes, then you might be suffering from sleep disorders. It can be because of a multitude of reasons. The most famous being, stress, traveling, illness and our addiction to different screens. While it might sound very meek, sleep disorders have severe implications for our health, again both mental and physical. These can sap all your energy leaving you tired and cranky. Some common sleeping disorders are insomnia, sleep apnea and narcolepsy. In their aggravated forms they can cause substantial damage. It is advisable to visit a sleep clinic.

We should not take sleep for granted. Just peruse over the benefits and tell me if anything is worth losing your sleep. I’m in no way insinuating that you should while your time away sleeping, that comes at its price. But maintaining a healthy sleep schedule comes with its perks. Decent sleep schedule for the win!

Benefits of sleep:

If you get a solid seven or eight hours, then there is nothing like it. You keep this up then you unlock a new level in general wellbeing. The health is wealth concept lies fundamentally on three pillars: diet, exercise and the hero of our article, you guessed it, sleep. Without further ado, the benefits of sleep.

General Benefits

  1.  Increases the lifespan: Sleep makes you immortal. Well, almost. Studies in this field show promising results in favor of people with a regular sleep schedule. The ones with erratic sleep pattern are susceptible to infections due to a suppressed immune system.
  2.  Sleep maintains a healthy heart: Sleep elevates the immune system. It also aids in lowering your stress levels and inflammation to the cardiovascular system. A robust cardiovascular system equals a healthy heart. A healthy heart is a key to a stress-free life.
  3.  Sleep guarantees a sharper brain and improved concentration levels: We link a good night’s sleep to multiple aspects of brain function. Concentration happens to be one of them. Studies showed that a percentage of people with sleep deprivation tended to concentrate less on the task. They made more errors in comparison with people who slept well.
  4.  Sleep deprivation has similar effects as alcohol intoxication. Sleep it off.
  5.  Good sleep improves the cognitive functions of the brain. It also helps in developing problem-solving skills.
  6.  Sleep can be cashed in by an athletic, as it improves their performances.
  7.  Effect on Glucose metabolism: An erratic sleep schedule hampers the glucose metabolism by reducing the insulin sensitivity. This puts us at risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  8.  Sleep effects mental health: A quality amount of sleep reduces the impact of depression. A massive chunk of people suffering from depression complains about their sleep pattern. Inadequate sleep also increases the risk of suicide due to clouded judgment.
  9. People suffering from sleep disorders report a higher rate of depression.
  10.  Sleep helps in weight management: Do you want to shed those extra inches? Have a regular sleep schedule. Studies have found that poor sleep leads to obesity in people of all ages.
  11. A balanced sleep schedule curbs fluctuation in daily food intake. So, we tend to have a controlled diet.
  12.  A proper sleep schedule keeps strokes and heart diseases at bay.
  13.  Sleep also helps enhance the immune system which wards off multiple conditions. It also increases the libido. Regular rest leaves us feeling energetic and invigorated.
  14.  Sleep deprivation can cause cases of extreme exhaustion which in some cases turns fatal. So never take sleep for granted.
  15.  Sleep is a potent stress buster. So keep calm and take a nap.

Beauty Benefits

benefits of sleep

• The term beauty sleep gets thrown around a lot. How does sleep help beautify us? Well, fret not, here is your answer. All you need to know is that sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining your appearance. This one is for all the sleeping beauties out there.
• Sleeping for less than 6 hours on a regular basis can cause wrinkles and make us look haggard. Instead of turning to more painful methods like Botox, sleep it off.
• Sleep improves blood flow to the skin. This gives the skin a glowing complexion.
• Get rid of dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes by catching a few ZZZ’s regularly.
• Hair woes can be gotten free of by snoozing regularly.
• Stress levels drop down with a good sleeping pattern giving us an overall healthy appearance.

Social Benefits

Several neurobiological studies have shown that sleep has a direct effect on our social interaction. Sleep deprivation makes us cranky and irritable. This rubs the people in a wrong way. Lack of sleep also renders us incapable of grasping and processing information efficiently. Sleep deprivation affects the prefrontal cortex or the emotional and complex thinking central. Hampering its functionality can cause less than ideal social interactions. Sleep aids in making us socially adept.

Are these proof enough to justify that sleep is without a doubt vital? So, withdraw from your gadgets and steal a few hours to explore the land of unconsciousness. Sleep disorders can be cured either with the help of drugs or through yoga. If you have a busy schedule, then sneak in a couple of power naps to make up for the interrupted REM sleep. Do not underestimate the power of sleep.

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