From curing acne to help prevent and fight cancer, honey inevitably brings a lot to the table. Perhaps one of the only food item, which doesn’t decay even after a long time. Like a long time. Honey has a massive range of health benefits. Our ancestors and our elders also certify it. It is because of this reason, that honey now finds its place in many home remedies. Honey has been around for more than 2500 years. A multitude of civilizations have used honey and incorporated it into their lifestyles. You might be thinking how something that sweet might be beneficial? Well, buckle in for a sweet ride.

Brief History of Honey

Honey has been around since the time rock paintings were considered the in thing. So it’s safe to say that it has been around for so long that it has been researched thoroughly. Every component of it is already scrutinized under a keen eye. The rock paintings of honey harvested is proof enough. The pictures were 8000 years old! Over the due course, honey has been used in every which way possible. This gooey, sticky goodness is very versatile in its element. Archaeologists in Egypt have excavated honeycombs buried with Pharaohs. What more, the honey found was still edible.

Honey, in the old testament, has earned quite a status. God provided it as a form of nourishment. Several texts which are sacred also mention it. Romans also have used honey to heal their wounds.

How is it made?  Honey edition

The process of making honey is not as sweet as it tastes. Albeit being somewhat being mildly disgusting on the scale, honey and its benefits are unprecedented. Bees make honey. But the amount of workforce or the bee power, in this case, is unbelievable. It takes up and above of 60000 bees to make just a pound of honey. Bees need more than 2 million flowers to collect enough nectar.

The nectar in their stomachs combines with different enzymes. The bee regurgitates this mixture into another bee’s mouth. This is a very natural process. The process repeats till the nectar is partially digested. The bees store this in the honeycomb. It becomes thicker in consistency when cooled.

What is honey?

You sometimes address your loved ones as honey. The reason perhaps being, they are as sweet as honey. Hence it is evident that honey is a sweet substance. It can, therefore, be a substitute for sugar. A tablespoon of honey contains about 64 calories. However, it contains entirely no traces of fat or cholesterol.

It contains a cocktail of beneficial chemicals. Vitamins, minerals, trace enzymes, calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, etc. As a result of its tipping towards acidic pH (3.2-4.5), it has excellent antioxidant properties. Honey inhibits the bacterial growth as well.

Benefits of Honey

You’ve waited enough. Let’s now see why Honey is so beneficial.

  1.  It is an excellent sugar substitute: Sugar, the name itself is enough to make us feel bloated. If you want to drop those extra inches off your waist, honey is your savior. Honey not only gives you the sweet taste but also with added benefits. All of this without the calories.
  2.  Honey is a potent method to reduce allergy: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, honey aids in reducing allergy symptoms. Believe it or not, the small amount of pollen present helps in curbing the agents which cause allergy.
  3. It helps build up immunity naturally: It helps build up immunity when ingested regularly in small quantities.
  4.  Honey helps boost your energy.: Are drained of all your strength and can’t help but trudge through your day? Well, trudge no more. Honey comes to the rescue again. The massive dose of carbohydrate you ingest while you take honey will help keep up your energy at high levels.
  5.  Honey is an excellent antioxidant: Flush out those nasty chemicals with a generous dose of Honey.
  6.  Boosts memory power: The antioxidants in honey helps sharpen the brain and keep.the memory up to the mark. A couple of Sudoku puzzles later, your mind is golden.
  7.  Honey is a beautiful cough suppressant: I for one have a runny nose throughout the year. It’s either because of allergies acting up or because of cold. A runny nose always comes with its friend, cough. Often I feel like I’m going to cough out my lungs. At times like these, I turn to honey. The gooey goodness coats and soothes the throat. Honey tends the nerve endings. Sorry honey flavored tablets, I prefer my honey original!
  8.  Honey helps cure sleeplessness: Are you tired and cranky? Do not turn to those harmful and addictive sleeping pills. Instead, find all the peace with honey. Science backs it up. Honey raises the insulin level as a result of which neurotransmitter serotonin is released. Serotonin is converted to melatonin. Melatonin helps you sleep. Simple.
  9.  Helps with dandruff: A diluted solution of honey and water, when applied as a pack, will heal your scalp.
  10. Honey helps with minor burns: The antibiotic property of honey will act as a disinfectant.
  11.  It helps with Acne and breakouts.
  12.  Honey also moisturizes.
  13.  It helps quell acid reflux.
  14.  Honey, when ingested with lemon or cinnamon, aids in weight management. It breaks down the fat present in the body.                                                                                                                                
  15.  Honey works wonders while nourishing skin. When used with packs it improves the overall skin quality.

Perhaps these benefits aren’t enough to sway your opinion? Honey is easy to use and tasty. It is also the only thing that makes green tea even remotely bearable. Give it a try today. What’s the harm? It’s easy on the taste buds too.


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