Health benefits of Mushrooms

Mushroom is a multifaceted champion. It has medicinal values and used for consumption. Mushrooms are a treasure trove of healthful nutrients. They contain many essential nutrients and hence are very beneficial. Although not technically a plant product, they are still classified as vegetables. They offer a massive host of benefits which are very varied. The services provided by mushrooms range from effective cholesterol management to prevention of breast cancer. All these benefits though, are only offered by the edible kind. Mushrooms also aid with the multitude of lifestyle-induced health woes.

Mushrooms seem like a fun-guy?

Fun guy, fungi? Never mind. Well, a mushroom is a type of fungus. It is neither meat nor a vegetable. They are filled with life nourishing nutrients. Mushrooms are used in a variety of ways — each tastier than the other. However, not all mushrooms are edible. There is an ample number of mushrooms which cause an adverse effect when ingested.
In some cases, mushrooms can even be fatal. Certain mushrooms are psychedelics. Hence, your earth dwellers must know your mushrooms. It’s easier if you buy it from the market. They are almost never harmful. Watch out for the best before date though.

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Mushrooms have a very earthy taste. The history is much more vibrant than their taste — civilisations as old as the ancient Egyptian ones used mushrooms. They were used for medicinal purposes as well. It then made way to France and has never looked back. Today it is a billion dollar industry. China is the largest producer of mushrooms according to the latest figures.

Mushrooms also have claimed the lives of multiple explorers and the elite. The most poisonous mushroom is Amanita phalloides.

Nutritional profile

In popular culture, a mushroom is symbolised with magical powers. Well, in real life it is not far behind. With its dense nutritional profile, it packs quite a powerful punch. Many famous recipes would miss an enormous chunk of their identity without mushrooms. With its spectacular taste mushroom provides enough proteins to help us.

Mushrooms are a comprehensive source of dietary fibre. It rivals the periodic table in the number of minerals it contains. It contains selenium which is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamins B and D are also present in abundance. Vitamins, minerals and a great taste make mushrooms a superfood in my book.

Benefits of mushroom

Mushroom being fungi, the edible kind is saprophytic. This means that they prepare their food sans chlorophyll. They extract nutrients from dead decaying plant and animal matter. It is a circle of life, they obtain nutrients from the dead and provide a new breath of life to us. Mushrooms also have a vast array of benefits.

1. Cancer deterrent:

The cursed disease, big C is rampant. It is claiming victims in huge numbers. It’s leaving destruction in its wake. Mushroom is one natural way we can turn to help us in this battle. They have a significant amount of beta-glucans which have a high amount of anti-carcinogenic properties. Mushrooms are also adept in curbing the signs of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Certain mushrooms also contain lentinan. Lentinan is a sugar molecule which extends the survival of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Mushrooms are thus a natural alternative in our fight against cancer.

2. Mushroom manages cholesterol:

Mushroom has a high quantity of dietary fibre. This not only works wonders I the case of your digestive system but also helps out a great deal in cholesterol management. High fibre content helps unclog the arteries of LDL cholesterol.

3. Boosts immune system:

Mushroom contains powerful antioxidants which flush out the free radicals. These free radicals are notorious chemicals which cause oxidative stress. The oxidative stress hence causes a whole lot of complications. Thus the antioxidants present in mushroom help enhance the immune system.

4. Bone health and mushroom:

Mushrooms provide calcium in a vast quantity. Calcium makes up a significant part of our bones. The calcium from mushrooms strengthen the bones. They also reduce the chances of contracting conditions like osteoporosis. Our joints benefit considerably from mushrooms as well.

5. Weight loss:

The fibre and protein work wonders for weight loss. Also, the lean protein is useful for building muscles.

6. Vitamin D:

Vegetarians have minimal options to get their necessary fix of vitamin D. mushrooms remedies that problem. Mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin D. Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in keeping bones and our nervous system healthy.

7. Healthier skin and Hair:

The selenium present in the mushroom helps us with our skin. It makes our skin more supple and helps with anti-ageing benefits. Mushrooms are extremely important for healthier hair and nails. By incorporating mushrooms into our regular diet, we can hence expect luscious skin and hair.

8. Mushrooms prevent diabetes:

Mushrooms are an ideal food and energy source for people suffering from diabetes. They are no fat, no cholesterol, not a significant amount of carbohydrates, and also loads of proteins. Mushrooms also have no lack of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they also contain natural insulin and enzymes which help in sugar breakdown.

The taste itself is enough a benefit to justify the use of mushroom in our diets. However, all these other benefits are just the icing on the cake. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, mushrooms also have many other benefits. They are an excellent source of iron. The iron helps in treating anaemia. Red blood cells and haemoglobin also cashes in the iron abundance. Even, as a result, frequent headaches, fatigue and other issues are further cured.

Overall, the entire body benefits because of mushroom consumption. Each different type of mushroom has its benefits. Although mushrooms are beneficial, we must always be cautious about the variety of mushroom we eat. Many mushrooms growing in the wild may be toxic or can contain trace amounts of heavy metals. Always be wary of the mushrooms you consume. Therefore go for the ones professionally picked.


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