Health Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberry is easily one of the most popular flavors in the industry right now. Strawberry flavor dominates the market. Be its shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, massage oils, etc. and strawberry has made its presence felt. In the food sector, however, the reach of strawberry flavor is more powerful. Due to its distinct taste and character, it is but natural that strawberry rules over the realm of desserts. Jellies, jams, ice creams, milkshakes, etc., you name it. I’m sure we can find it in strawberry flavor. It is not for nothing that strawberry has earned the status of being “Queen of fruits.”

Strawberry fascinated me!

I grew up watching a cartoon series called Strawberry Shortcake. The pink color was very enticing. It caught my eye. I just had to have them in pink. Strawberry came to my rescue. I loaded up on all things pink. My toothpaste, shampoo, and all my preferences got a splash of strawberry in them. My mother could accomplish a miraculous feat of getting me to drink up cough syrup, courtesy of the strawberry flavor.

Things got competitive between my sister and I and now all our birthdays had to have a mandatory strawberry flavored cake. Strawberry, therefore, fulfilled my stereotypical needs for things to be pink.

To berry or not to berry? That is the question.

It’s pretty evident that strawberry is a berry because it has berry in its name. Right? Wrong. Au contraire strawberry is a fruit. It is an accessory aggregate fruit to be more precise. The fleshy part of the fruit is not derived from the plant, while the seeds on it are. The specialty of this fruit is that the seeds which are usually found inside the fruit. Grains are present on the outside in the case of strawberry.  

Strawberry is sweet flavored and heart shaped. Maybe that’s the reason for strawberry being an ideal romantic symbol. How could I forget the color, that appeals to nearly half the population. Strawberry sells like hotcakes on the market during big romantic occasions. Its a healthy addition to the fruit salad since it is quite light but more than makes up in the nutrition department. Surprisingly, however, strawberry is not the only dietary component of the plant. The leaves are also useful in making tea.

Strawberry packs a punch:

This teeny tiny fruit is a powerhouse. It is loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent source of vitamin C. A serving of strawberry, which is roughly 100g contains 33kcal of energy. It is light on the stomach. Also, it is rich in fibers. There is also an abundant supply of essentials like magnesium and manganese.

Coming to its distinct smell, significant credits go to a compound called Furaneol. Strawberries also brag of low calorific value. It has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, berries are very beneficial.

Benefits of strawberries:

Lush pink strawberries by themselves are a treat. Their great taste makes them pair with anything. Fresh berries make excellent accompaniments with custards and fruit salads. The Vitamin C abundance gives the fruit a more citrusy flavor and a tang. However, strawberry is more than just beauty.

  • Heart shaped fruit: We are what we eat. Walnuts look like the brain. Coincidentally benefit the brain.  If the heart-shaped silhouette of the fruit is any indicator, then you guessed it right. These little fruits are a boon for the heart.
  • Strawberries benefit the heart: Heart-healthy antioxidants improve the function of the heart. They inhibit the formation of bad cholesterol LDL. As a result of this cardiovascular diseases are kept at bay.
  • It benefits the arteries as well: Studies have shown that the strawberries relax and loosen up the arteries. Hence, the blood flows considerably improve. Increased blood flow results in a lesser risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Strawberry reduces high blood pressure: The amount of magnesium and potassium is more significant when compared to sodium. Hence, the magnesium act as vasodilators. As a result, hypertension reduces considerably.
  • It benefits circulation: The vasodilators and the relaxed arteries help the overall blood circulation. Good circulation results in helping the body function at full capacity.
  • Strawberries help prevent cancer.
  • It treats arthritis and gout. All this is a result of the anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Strawberries are natural antioxidants. It also improves brain health.
  • Strawberries also help with multiple conditions like strokes, constipation, and diabetes.
  • It helps prevent congenital disabilities, improves bone health, reduce inflammation as well.

Skin, Hair and other uses:

  • Strawberries help in giving us luscious locks: The antioxidants and vitamins prevent hair loss. It also helps moisturize hair when used with yogurt.
  • Strawberries help whiten teeth. It also treats puffy eyes and improves skin health.
  • Dryness and irritation caused in the eyes can be cured with the help of strawberries.

Strawberries prove the fact that all big things come in small packages.

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